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ALLNET ALL8894WMP / 8 Port Gigabit HPoE Switch smart-managed,  2x PoE+ od. 4x PoE (ALL8894WMP)

ALLNET ALL8894WMP / 8 Port Gigabit HPoE Switch smart-managed, 2x PoE+ od. 4x PoE (ALL8894WMP)

Produkt: Ethernet PoE
Porte: 8
Hastighed: 1Gbps
På lager: 3

ALL8894WMP is a 8-port 10/100/1000M with 4 PoE+ Web- Managed Ethernet Switch that is designed for medium or large network environment to strengthen its network connection. Including rack-mount brackets, the 11" size fits into your rack environment. It is a superb choice to boost your network with better performance and efficiency.

IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports
ALL8894WMP features 4-port PoE IEEE 802.3at supplying up to 30 watts per port. This product can convert standard 100~240V/AC power into low-voltage DC that runs over existing LAN cable to power up IEEE 802.3at compliant network accessories. By adding ALL8894WMP to existing networking, installing networking products such as Access Points and IP cameras can be easily managed and set up. Wireless device deployments are easily located with available power outlets and network administrators don’t need to use heavy AC power adapters anymore.

High-Speed Networking and Jumbo Frames Support
ALL8894WMP provides an excellent solution for expanding your Gigabit network. By Gigabit speed, this product provides high flexibility and high bandwidth connectivity to servers, workstations and other attached devices. It enables you to save time transferring large files. In addition, it also supports Jumbo Frames 9.6K to improve network utilization of large file transfers.

Exceptionally Smart
ALL8894WMP provides Smart features that are ideal for simple QoS/CoS applications and basic monitoring tools to improve network efficiency. Its security and management features, such as VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging and port-based VLAN) to secure your network. Through a Web-based interface, an administrator can set up VLANs to segregate traffic, QoS to prioritize mission-critical data and link aggregation to create fat traffic pipelines. In addition, ALL8894WMP also supports Rapid Spanning Tree to detect and break unintentional cabling loops within the network. All of these features offer extra protection on the network edge. Best of all, the password-protected configuration interface can be accessed remotely.

Advanced Security
ALL8894WMP supports IEEE802.1x port authentication.

Enterprise-Class Web Management Utility
With graphic user interface, it’s easy to manage, plan and configure ALL8894WMP Gigabit Web Smart Ethernet Switch. This utility provides valuable tools, such as,

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